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What were the first elements formed after the Big Bang?
a) Hydrogen and Helium
b) Lithium and Boron
c) Carbon and Nitrogen
d) Gold and Iron

Hubble observed that galaxies are
a) Moving away from us
b) Moving toward us
c) Standing still
d) Expanding

If an object is moving toward us, its spectrum will experience
a) Blue shift
b) Red shift
c) No shift
d) Black spectrum

The Doppler Effect can be seen in
a) All of them
b) Water Waves
c) Sound Waves
d) Electromagnetic (light) waves

What is the CMBR?
a) Leftover heat from the Big Bang
b) Red shifted galaxies
c) The first primordial elements
d) The shape of the universe

What shape do scientists think the universe is?
a) Flat
b) Round
c) Saddle Shaped
d) Triangular

What is a third evidence of the Big Bang?
a) Primordial Helium
b) Primordial Argon
c) Blue shifted galaxies
d) Solar Radiation

What is an alternate theory of the origin of the universe?
a) The Oscillating Theory
b) The Raisin Bread Theory
c) The Balloon Theory
d) The Expansion Theory

Hubble's Law states that as galaxies move away from us they move
a) Faster
b) Slower
c) In circles
d) They move more erratically.

The Steady State Theory says that the Universe
a) Always is, always was, and always will be.
b) Moves in cycles, expanding and contracting.
c) Started as a dense, hot point.
d) The universe is not expanding.

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