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What were the Adena Indian houses made of?
a) Branches and bark
b) Mud
c) Stones
d) Bricks

How did the Adena Indians make the roofs of their houses?
a) Matting thatch
b) Bricks
c) Mud
d) Shingles

What shape were the Adena Indian houses?
a) Circles
b) Squares
c) Rectangles
d) Triangles

How did the Adena Indians get food?
a) Hunting and fishing
b) Grocery stores
c) Restaurants
d) Refrigerators

What did the Adena Indians eat?
a) Deer, fish, raspberries, nuts, pumpkins and sunflowers
b) Cows, pigs, sheep, corn and wheat
c) Spaghetti, meatballs and watermelon
d) Shrimp, lobster and pineapples

How did the Adena Indians honor their dead?
a) Burned their houses and built mounds over them
b) Buried them in a field
c) Made mummies of them
d) Buried them in a cave

How would you describe the Adena Indians?
a) Tall people with large skulls
b) Short people with small skulls
c) Small, skinny people
d) Very, very little people

What are arrowheads?
a) Stone points attached to arrows and used for hunting and weapons
b) Bone hooks used for fishing
c) Round rocks used for pounding
d) Knives used for cutting

What is a mound?
a) A pile of dirt placed over a burial pit
b) A pile of wood used to make a house
c) A hole in the ground
d) A pile of sand used to build sand castles

Where did the Adena Indians come from?
a) No one knows
b) Canada
c) Alaska
d) South America

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