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She had been studying for hours, __________________ she hoped to do well on the test.
a) therefore
b) in conclusion
c) first
d) later

First, Mary went to the store. ___________, she went to visit her mother.
a) Last
b) Finally
c) Then
d) As a result

I would like to read seven books this marking period; _______________, I don't seem to have enough time.
a) therefore
b) however
c) in addition to

People use 48 muscles to frown; ___________, only 28 muscles to smile.
a) then
b) next
c) as a result
d) however

______________, you must also complete Assignment 5 for homework.
a) Therefore
b) In addition
c) Moreover
d) Consequently

_______________, she doesn't mind cooking.
a) On the other hand
b) For example
c) Last
d) Next

_____________________ that Kate is good at tennis, she lost the match.
a) In conclusion
b) In conclusion
c) Despite the fact
d) As a result

_______________, he did not like the movie.
a) In other words
b) Second
c) Third
d) Meanwhile

___________, you add the mix and eggs.
a) First
b) However
c) As a result
d) Consequently

______________, you add the flavoring.
a) However
b) Then
c) Moreover
d) In conclusion

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