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What force must a rocket overcome to be launched into space?
a) thrust
b) gravity
c) orbital velocity
d) escape velocity

During the space race, the former Soviet Union was the first to accomplish all of the followiing except
a) launching the first satellite into orbit
b) send the first human into space
c) sending the first living creature into space
d) landing the first human on the moon

A satellite in geosynchronous orbit revolves around Earth once each
a) hour
b) day
c) month
d) week

To fly beyond a planet's gravitational pull, a spacecraft must reach
a) escape velocity
b) geostationary orbit
c) velocity
d) orbital velocity

Acquiring information about Earth and other objects in space without being in direct contact with these worlds is called
a) microgravity
b) remote sensing
c) thrust
d) spinoff

A spacecraft that can carry a crew into space, return to Earth, and then be reused for the same purpose is a
a) rover
b) space station
c) space shuttle
d) space probe

Any object that revolves around another object in space is called a
a) vacuum
b) rocket
c) satellite
d) space station

Humans first landed on the moon in
a) 1957
b) 1969
c) 1971
d) 1961

The main advantage of a multistage rocket is that
a) it requires less fuel to overcome gravity at the time of launch
b) it can be reused after returning to Earth
c) the total weight of the rocket is reduced as the rocket rises
d) it can carry humans into space

Joysticks and memory metals are examples of
a) space spinoffs
b) space shuttles
c) space probes
d) space stations

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