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Who is the protagonist?
a) Abigail Williams
b) Mickey Mouse
c) George Washington
d) John Proctor

Who is the Antagonist?
a) Mary Warren
b) Abigail Williams
c) John Proctor
d) Arthur Miller

Who is the Author of this drama?
a) Dr. Suess
b) William Shakespeare
c) Arthur Miller
d) Walt Disney

What is the theme?
a) Happiness
b) Passion for Christ
c) Celebration of witches
d) How to drink blood in the woods

Who drinks blood?
a) Mary Warren
b) Rev. Paris
c) Abigail Williams
d) Rebeca Nurse

Who is the man who comes to the town to get the devil out?
a) Rev. Paris
b) Rev. Hail
c) Mr. Nurse
d) John Proctor

What is ironic about this drama?
a) The puritans are all about religion and not lying but yet throughout the whole story people are lying and decieving others fo
b) Abigail looks like she is 16 but really she is 46.
c) John doesn\'t love Abigail he just wants his wife to be jealous
d) Tituba confesses to the whole thing but then says she was lying.

Who/what does Abigail say has stabbed her in the stomach?
a) John Proctor
b) Mary Warren
c) Elizabeth Proctor's spirit
d) The Devil

What is the name of one of the little girls who falls "ill'?
a) Ginger
b) Alexandera
c) Ruth
d) Anne

What happens to Abigail in the end?
a) She runs away with John and the two get married.
b) She gets hung.
c) She is rejected by John and runs away by herself.
d) Elizabeth Proctor escapes from jail and kills Abigail in her sleep.

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