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A house built partly over a hole dug in the earth so that some of its rooms were under the ground.
a) pit house
b) longhouse
c) hogan
d) dugout

A special gathering or celebration with feasting and dancing.
a) barter
b) council
c) shaman
d) potlatch

A boat made from large, hollowed out logs.
a) kachina
b) tribute
c) dugout
d) travois

A group of families that are related to one another.
a) clan
b) confederation
c) slavery
d) council

An exchange of goods
a) class
b) barter
c) legend
d) ceremony

Spirits that visit the world of living once a year and enter the bodies of dancers.
a) kachina
b) emperor
c) clan
d) noble

A cone shaped house built by covering a log frame with mud or grass.
a) longhouse
b) pithouse
c) hogan
d) tepee

A religious leader and healer.
a) noble
b) shaman
c) emperor
d) council

A very dry climate.
a) travois
b) potlatch
c) tribute
d) arid

A cone shaped tent made with wooden poles in a circle and tied at the top.
a) lodge
b) longhouse
c) hogan
d) tepee

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