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Suzie had a car accident and lost use of her right arm. She was given a plan for treatment that includes:
a) dyskinesia
b) Tachykinesia
c) Kinesiotherapy
d) Bradykinesia

Justin had 3 broken bones is 3 months, they diagnosed him with having:
a) hemolysis
b) rachischisis
c) dysphagia
d) osteomalacia

Jodi chokes everytime she drinks water, she has:
a) dysphagia
b) cardiolmegaly
c) areteriosclerosis
d) tachycardia

John's great aunt is 74 and has arthritis in her knees and hips. This results in:
a) cardiomegaly
b) quadriplegia
c) aphasia
d) dyskinesia

Christie is an infant who has been short of breath and cyanosis of her fingertips and around her lips. Her doctors have determined this is caused by:
a) bradykinesia
b) rachischisis
c) megalocyte
d) cardiomegaly

Dave is 350 pounds and loves McDonald's Cheeseburgers and large fries. He has hypertension (high blood pressure) and high blood lipids (fats). This has resulted in this condition
a) bradykinesia
b) arteriosclerosis
c) schizophrenia
d) aphasia

John's grandma had a stroke that affected her left side. John also has difficulty understanding her while she talks. She has:
a) schizophrenia
b) megalocyte
c) quadriplegia
d) aphasia

Justine was in a diving accident and has lost the use of all her limbs, she has:
a) hemiplegia
b) quadriplegia
c) semiplegia
d) paraplegia

Jodi has a rare blood disorder in which her cells become too large to move through her blood vessels. She is diagnosed with:
a) erythrocyte
b) melanocyte
c) megalocyte
d) leukocyte

Angie is pregnant and is having an ultrasound of her baby. During the ultrasound, they saw an abnormalty of the spine. What did they find?
a) rachischisis
b) megalocytosis
c) kinesiotherapy
d) dysphagia

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