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Explorers from this country were interested in animal furs.
a) England
b) Spain
c) France
d) Netherlands

This country treated the Indians well.
a) France
b) Spain
c) England
d) Netherlands

This was the first permanent British colony in America
a) Roanoke
b) Jamestown
c) Plymouth
d) Georgia

He was banished from Massachusetts Bay because he believed Indians should be paid for land
a) Thomas Hooker
b) James Oglethorpe
c) Roger WIlliams
d) John Rolfe

This religious group established the colony of Pennsylvania
a) Puritans
b) Quakers
c) Separatists
d) Jesuits

The Aztec Indians were conquered by this conquistador
a) Pizarro
b) Magellan
c) De Soto
d) Cortez

This word means to travel around the world
a) gentry
b) proprietary
c) circumnavigate
d) colonize

He attempted to circumnavigate in 1519
a) Columbus
b) De las Cosas
c) De Leon
d) Magellan

This colony was established to give debtors a second chance
a) Maryland
b) Connecticut
c) Georgia
d) Jamestown

Why did Metacom declare war on the British settlers?
a) He didn't like being called King Philip
b) The British were spreading smallpox
c) Indian land was being taken by the British
d) He didn't declare war on the British

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