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Which is the correct list of Middle Colonies
a) Maryland, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania
b) Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut
c) Massachusetts, Dealware, New York
d) New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania

Small landowning farmers were known as
a) yeomen
b) indentured servants
c) slaves
d) gentry

Large farms used to grow cash crops
a) proprietary colony
b) royal colony
c) plantation
d) backcountry farms

This group established Jamestown
a) Pilgrims
b) Puritans
c) Separatists
d) Virginia Company

This country first had control of what we know as New York
a) England
b) Netherlands
c) Spain
d) France

Conquistadors were from this country
a) France
b) England
c) Spain
d) Netherlands

He believed he could get to India faster by sailing west to reach the east.
a) Cortes
b) Columbus
c) Pizarro
d) Smith

Explorers from this country came to America in search of gold
a) France
b) England
c) Netherlands
d) Spain

According to mercantilism, the more ___ & ____ you have, the more power you have.
a) gold & resources
b) animal fur & gold
c) land & animal fur
d) gold & land

He was the first European to see the Pacfic Ocean from the American continent.
a) Balboa
b) Cortes
c) Magellan
d) Columbus

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