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This Is A Review For Your Colonization Test.

This colony served as a buffer for Spanish Florida
a) South Carolina
b) Georgia
c) Massachusetts
d) Jamestown

Samuel de Champlain, a man who explored modern day Canada, was from this European country
a) France
b) England
c) Spain
d) Netherlands

This colony went through the Starving Time during the Winter of 1609-1610
a) Connecticut
b) Plymouth
c) Massachusetts Bay
d) Jamestown

This was the first British colony located in North America
a) Plymouth
b) Mexico
c) Jamestown
d) Roanoke

This ship brought the PIlgrims to America
a) Mayflower
b) Nina
c) Pinta
d) Santa Maria

The two main cash crops of the Southern colonies during the colonial period were:
a) Cotton & Rice
b) Tobacco & Cotton
c) Rice & Tobacco
d) Tobacco & Wheat

Which of the following is a complete and correct listing of the New England Colonies?
a) Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island
b) New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts
c) Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine
d) New York Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island

He introduced tobacco to Jamestown
a) John Winthrop
b) Chief Powhatan
c) John Smith
d) John Rolfe

This was the very first representative form of government in America (hint: it was located in Jamestown)
a) Bill of Rights
b) General Court
c) Mayflower Compact
d) House of Burgesses

What group of people did Nathaniel Bacon attack during Bacon's Rebellion?
a) Indians
b) Pilgrims
c) Virginia government
d) Puritans

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