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Energy in earth systems can exist in a number of forms. Such as
a) chemical energy (fossil fuels)
b) thermal energy (heat in the Earth)
c) mechanical energy (tides)
d) all forms exist in the Earth system

The movement of matter (geochemical cycles) is driven by
a) radioactive decay within the Earth
b) gravity
c) the Sun
d) All are sources of energy that move matter and transform matter

How is thermal energy (comes from inside the Earth) transferred?
a) by radiation
b) by conduction
c) by convection
d) by all of the options

Fossil fuels are considered what type of resource?
a) non-renewable
b) renewable
c) inexhaustible
d) all of the options

Fossil fuels are derived from
a) plants and animals of the past
b) ocean water
c) atmospheric gases
d) broken down rocks

More environmentally friendly options for sources of energy for human consumption are
a) solar power
b) wind power
c) geothermal power
d) all are good options

Which of the following is not an environmentally friendly option for a source of energy for human consumption?
a) ethanol
b) hydroelectric
c) burning wood
d) hydrogen

The Earth is considered an ______ system for energy and a _______ system in terms of matter..
a) open/closed
b) closed/open
c) open/open
d) closed/closed

The total amount of energy and matter in the universe is..
a) fixed
b) always changing
c) high
d) low

Both energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed , just
a) transformed
b) transferred
c) transpired
d) transported

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