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What would be a good title for this diagram?
a) Prices in the Market
b) What goes up must come down!
c) Law of Demand
d) The Ups and Downs of the Market

The following is an example of
a) list of goods in a market
b) a shopping list
c) demand curve
d) demand schedule

In the labor market, those on the demand side of the economy include.... (choose best answer)
a) consumers
b) workers
c) businesses (firms)
d) producers

The quantity of a good or service that is offered for sale is called
a) demand
b) official demand
c) demand shelf
d) shift in demand

Indoor skating has become very popular, and the skating rinks have raised their admission prices. The price increase is a result of
a) an increase in supply
b) a decrease in demand
c) an increase in demand
d) a decrease in supply

What will happen to the number of ipods people are willing to buy if the price is cut in half?
a) people will buy less ipods
b) people don\'t care about price changes .....They love ipods!!!
c) people will buy more ipods
d) people will continue to buy the same number of ipods

Which curve represents the demand curve?
a) red line
c) neither
d) blue line

Which are examples of substitutes
a) pie and cake
b) rice and beans
c) oranges and cream
d) bread and butter

If a blight hits the corn crops, what will happen to the demand for peas?
a) demand for peas will fall
b) demand for peas will stay the same
c) demand for peas will rise
d) demand for peas are not affected

Which of the following is not a determinant of demand?
a) income
b) complements
c) technology
d) population

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