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After the Civil War, who had the most damage?
a) South
b) North
c) East
d) West

After the Civil War, this amendment was adopted to abolish or get rid of slavery in the United States.
a) 11th Amendment
b) 12th Amendment
c) 13th Amendment
d) 14th Amendment

After the Civil War, this amendment was adopted...States cannot limit the rights of citizens.
a) 14th Amendment
b) 13th Amendment
c) 12th Amendment
d) 11th Amendment

After the Civil War, this Amendment was adopted to give all men the right to vote, regardless of skin color.
a) 15th Amendment
b) 12th Amendment
c) 13th Amendment
d) 11th Amendment

This was an organization that helped poor, former slaves and whites with food, education, medical care, and legal advice.
a) F.B.I.
b) Freedmen's Bureau
c) Food bank
d) First Baptist Church

How did the Freedmen's Bureau help former slaves and whites?
a) Helped with food, education, and medical care.
b) Helped buy a new car and a new diamond ring.
c) Helped sell their old homeplace.
d) Helped them with yard work.

What is the system in which a landowner lets poor farmers use his land and, in return, the landowner gets a 50% or greater share of the crop.
a) Living the good life.
b) Vacationing
c) Farming
d) Sharecropping

What is the law that separated African Amercians and whites?
a) Sharecropping
b) Jim Crow Laws
c) Real Estate Law
d) Freedmen's Bureau

Sharecropping is a system in which a landowner lets _______ farmers use his land.
a) poor
b) rich
c) short
d) lazy

What does segregate mean?
a) Together
b) Separate
c) Upside down.
d) Hungry.

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