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a) Carbon Dihydride
b) Carbon Hydride
c) Dicarbon Dihydrogen
d) Dicarbon Dihydride

a) Phosphorus Bromide
b) Phosphorus Dibromide
c) Phosphorus Tribromide
d) Phosphorus (III) Bromide

Carbon Tetrachloride
a) C4Cl
b) CCl4
c) C4Cl4
d) CCl

Diphosphorus Pentoxide
a) P2O5
b) P5O2
c) P2O
d) PO5

a) Hexaphosphorus Trisulfide
b) Tetraphosphorus Trisulfur
c) Tetraphosphorus Trisulfide
d) Phosphorus (IV) Sulfur

Dihydrogen Monoxide
a) H2O
b) H2O2
c) HO2
d) H (II) O (I)

a) Arsenic Bromide
b) Arsenic Tetrabromide
c) Deca-Arsenic Tetrabromide
d) Tetra-arsenic Decabromide

All covalent molecules should have a __________ in their name
a) roman numeral
b) charge
c) electronegativity
d) prefix

a) Silicon Bromide
b) Disilicon Heptabromide
c) Disilicon Hexabromide
d) Disilicon Bromide

Triselenium Heptoxide
a) Se7O3
b) Se3O7
d) SeH

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