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persistent means
a) to continue to work even when things get difficult
b) to pick a favorite sister
c) to pick who is going to win a game
d) to quick

challenge means
a) something that is not simple or easy to do
b) all changes in science class
c) easy work at school
d) chairs sitting at an angle

enamored means
a) to wear armor
b) to enter the army
c) to answer a question
d) to be very fond of someone

trampled means
a) to run over something very quickly and harshly
b) to run over something slowly
c) to run
d) to have ran a race

legacy means
a) aces in a card deck
b) legs on a spider
c) to leave good works and memories after you die
d) to write a letter to your teacher

disperse means
a) to allow something to go free / to spread out
b) to give out of gas
c) to not perse
d) to be angry

plot means
a) lot p in the parking lot
b) to give a lot of gifts
c) the main parts of a story
d) to end of a mini series

productive means
a) getting things done in a timely and correct manner
b) to make pro ducks
c) to live in Product
d) to advertise for many companies

substantial means
a) not enough
b) more than enough
c) standing in a sub
d) ways to find Subway

determined means
a) you are going to work and practice til you get it right
b) to stop everyone from getting into a mine
c) my detergent
d) to want to give up

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