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What kind of needs are food, shelter, and water?
a) Needy Needs
b) Basic Needs
c) Fun Needs
d) Nippy Needs

Which one of these is an example of a good?
a) A baker selling doughnuts
b) A firefighter
c) A policeman
d) A teacher

Which one of these reasons is NOT a reason to be a part of a community
a) To Work
b) To Play
c) To belong
d) To get rich

Getting hurt, getting tickets, or going to jail are all:
a) bad
b) not fun
c) consequences
d) sassy

Who makes the laws
a) Teachers
b) Police
c) The mayor
d) Government

Who decides if a person is guilty?
a) Judge
b) Teacher
c) Police
d) Dogs

Which one is the big picture word?
a) Custom
b) Culture
c) not this one
d) not this one

Fourth of July is an example of a
a) fun time
b) holiday
c) hot day

What is one way citizens show responsibility?
a) Only have fun
b) play
c) To understand and obey laws
d) buy stuff

Which community do we belong to?
a) Southern Door
b) Sturgeon Bay
c) United States
d) Home

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