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What is a precipitate?
a) a solid that forms from 2 liquids reacting
b) a gas formed from a reaction
c) when a color change occurs in a liquid reaction
d) a gas turning into a liquid

If the chemicals in a reaction start to feel cold, what type of reaction occurred?
a) endothermic
b) exothermic

If 300g of chemicals react and you measure only 200g of products, what type of system was probably used?
a) open system
b) closed system

20g of A + ____g of B ------ 60g of C What is the missing mass?
a) 40g
b) 80g
c) 30g
d) 20g

What 3 things are required for fire to burn?
a) oxygen, fuel, and heat
b) carbon dioxide, heat, and fuel
c) energy, chemical bonds, and fuel
d) oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water

Which fo the following is true of an OPEN SYSTEM
a) matter can escape during the reaction, mass may change
b) the mass before will always be the same as the mass after
c) all the atoms will be trapped and measured after the reaction

Which of the following is true of a CLOSED SYSTEM
a) all the matter is captured, mass before is the same as the mass after
b) matter can escape the system, mass before may be different than mass after
c) the reaction will not follow the Law of Conservation of Mass
d) the atoms are destroyed in the reaction

Type of chemical reaction that has 2 or more reactants and 2 or more products
a) replacement
b) decomposition
c) synthesis

If you have the same substances after a change, what type of change occurred?
a) physical
b) chemical

Which of the following would be a PHYSICAL change that occurs when a candle is buring?
a) wax melting
b) wick burning
c) smoke being produced
d) flames producing heat

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