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Select the correct complete sentence below. Look carefully
a) the teadhr typed a report about the students behavior
b) The teacher typed a report about the students behavior!
c) The teacher typed a report about the student's behavior.
d) The tercher typed a port bout the student's bhevior.

What is a noun?
a) people
b) places
c) feelings
d) all of the above

The dynamite singer won a trip to Hollywood! What is the complete subject?
a) singer
b) The dynamite singer
c) won
d) won a trip to Hollywood.

Give me a cup of tea. What kind of sentence is this?
a) declarative
b) imperative
c) interrogative
d) exclamatory

Wendy, Dave, and I went to the store to get a Sunkist. What pronoun could take the place of the complete subject?
a) They
b) Us
c) We
d) He and she and me

Which one is not a complete correct sentence?
a) better go get her bookbag out of her locker.
b) Tamara bought hamburgers for her family.
c) Joey found his wallet on the couch.
d) Did Lacie win a trophy at the track meet?

A book about aliens eating all of the palm trees in Michigan would be what genre?
a) realistic fiction
b) nonfiction
c) historical fiction
d) science fiction

We need to learn to read because of this...
a) to be able to read street signs
b) to be able to go to the computer to find information
c) to be able to help our families learn about the world
d) all of the above

We need to learn to write because of this...
a) to get a driver's license
b) to get a paycheck
c) to live daily in our society
d) all of the above

In which subjects do you need to be be able to comprehend what you read?
a) science
b) history
c) health
d) all of them

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