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Which of these is an abiotic factor in an ocean ecosystem?
a) Coral
b) Jellyfish
c) Salinity
d) Seashell

This is a primary producer.
a) Krill
b) Herring
c) Copepod
d) Kelp

An organism whose absence causes the ecosystem to completely change is a
a) apex predator
b) keystone species
c) tertiary consumer
d) primary consumer

When water goes through a semipermeable membrane from an area of lesser concentration to an area of greater concentration is
a) trophic
b) transportation
c) osmosis
d) diffusion

Urchin barrens form when
a) sea urchins get together and party, making a mess and leaving empty cans and pizza boxes everywhere.
b) sea lions are dying because there aren\'t enough herring.
c) global warming causes seagrass to disappear.
d) sea otters are removed from kelp forests and the urchins consume the kelp.

Which of these is not an abiotic factor in the ocean ecosystem?
a) Temperature
b) Sunlight
c) Phytoplankton
d) Currents

Plankton is from the Greek word meaning
a) tiny
b) wanderer
c) zoo
d) plant

In kelp, the holdfast looks a lot like a terrestrial plant\'s
a) stem
b) branches
c) leaf
d) roots

Visible Light consists of
a) Infrared
b) Gamma Radiation
c) Ultraviolet

_____ light is all colors together; ___ is the absence of all color.
a) White; black
b) Red; green
c) Green; gray
d) Black; white

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