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Exodus tells the story of
a) Moses and the Hebrew people
b) the Sumerians
c) the Babylonians
d) the group that created exit signs

The Hebrew people wanted freedom from being held as this man's slaves
a) Abraham
b) Moses
c) Egypt
d) Pharoah

What major landform did Moses float down in a basket until the Pharoah's daughter found him?
a) Euphrates River
b) Nile River
c) Mississippi River
d) Red Sea

When the Pharoah said, "NO!" to Moses requests, God sent these
a) soldiers to kill him
b) frogs by the millions
c) the plagues
d) wildfires

The Eyptians were polytheistic, which means they
a) worshipped many gods
b) worshipped one god
c) worshipped no god
d) they loved geometry

When the water turned to blood, there was much suffering because
a) civilizations need a fresh water source to have water to drink
b) civilizations need a water source that provides food sources like fish
c) civilizations need a water source to irrigate their crops / have fertile soil
d) all of the above

This plague finally convinced the Pharoah to let Moses lead his people out of Egypt
a) The darkness
b) The gnats
c) The locusts
d) The Passover

Moses was able to control this major landform to help the Hebrews as the soldiers were coming after them
a) Nile River
b) Tigres River
c) The Red Sea
d) Mt. Sinai

Moses was given this set of rules by God to help the Hebrews know how to live
a) The Five Stages of the Life Cycle
b) The Forty Years in the Fertile Crescent
c) The Ten Commandments
d) The Plagues

The story of Exodus provides information to guide us in understanding what has and is happening in this part of the world?
a) No
b) I think so
c) Yes
d) I don't know

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