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the number of people who can read and write
a) literacy rate
b) birth rate
c) death rate
d) entrepreneur

diffferent areas that share similar culture customs
a) ethnic group
b) culture region
c) equator
d) hemisphere

the spreading of culture, customs, ideas...
a) science
b) cultural diffusion
c) culture
d) religious group

organized highly developed society
a) culture
b) ethnocentric
c) culture diffusion
d) civilization

goverment led by the rule of queen or a king
a) monarch
b) democracy
c) region
d) command

government with rule by force
a) royal ship
b) market
c) dictatorship
d) democracy

government with rule by the people
a) oligarchy
b) democracy
c) monarch
d) prime meridian

local language like southern
a) dialect
b) ethnocentric
c) market
d) comman

the attitude that your ethnic group is superior
a) command
b) economic
c) dialect
d) ethnocentrism

way of life - customs, traditions, foods, languages, activities....
a) culture
b) race
c) religious group
d) government

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