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What is FMDM used for?
a) Find out what the market demand is.
b) To target financial products for specific market.
c) Distributing products around the world.
d) To help those in financial needs.

What are some of the seven functions of marketing?
a) Pricing, Advertisement, and Product Planning
b) Transportation, Market Demand, and Time Management
c) Product Planning, Marketing Information Management, and Pricing
d) Distribution, Product Delivery, and Financing

________are tangible items that has monetary value and that satisfy your needs.
a) Goods
b) Fishing
c) Distribution
d) Consumer Happiness

What does the Marketing Concept mean?
a) is to understand the principal of marketings.
b) is to manage a business.
c) is to know the process of a managing a business.
d) is the idea that a business should strive to satisfy customers' need while generating a profit.

What does CRM stand for?
a) Control Remote Mice
b) Customer Relationship Management
c) Culinary Request Market
d) Central Realism Management

What does Form Utility do?
a) to change one part into complex parts.
b) to differentiate between a wheel and an axel
c) involve changing raw materials or putting parts together to make them more useful.
d) to show how to put parts together.

Which market does business-to-business belong to?
a) Industrial Market
b) Private Market
c) Consumer Market
d) Target Market

To develop a clear picture of their target market, businesses create a __________.
a) to introduce customers to a new product.
b) hiearchy of the wealthy.
c) consumer interest.
d) customer profile.

___________ is it's percentage of the total sales volume generated by all companies that compete in a given market.
a) Industrial Competition
b) Market Share
c) Fishing Share
d) Marketing Management

________is the process of planning, pricing, and other functions of marketing.
a) Product Planning
b) Financing
c) Marketing
d) Distribution

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