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condition of air at a certain time in a certain place
a) till
b) weather
c) mouth
d) climate

huge sheets of ice that slowly move across land.
a) geography
b) plateau
c) glacier
d) border

the study of Earth and the way people, plants and animals live
a) geography
b) weather
c) border
d) economy

a resource that can be replaced
a) nonrenewable resource
b) till
c) economy
d) renewable resource

a period of time when all of NYS was covered with glaciers
a) climate
b) ice age
c) glacier
d) weather

iron, natural gas, and oil are examples of these resources
a) nonrenewable resources
b) economy
c) plateau
d) renewable resources

soil and rocks a glacier leaves behind
a) mouth
b) border
c) till
d) plateau

pattern of weather in a certain place over many years
a) geography
b) climate
c) weather
d) ice age

the way a place uses or produces natural resources, goods and services
a) geography
b) mouth
c) weather
d) economy

large area that rises steeply above the surrounding land
a) plateau
b) geography
c) climate
d) border

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