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Who is Katniss' best friend
a) Peeta
b) Gale
c) Greasy Sae
d) Her mother

Why does Katniss feel that she owes Peeta
a) he is attractive
b) he is nice to her at school
c) he gave her bread when her family was starving
d) his family doesn't want him to go to the Hunger Games

What is the first thing that the stylists do to Katniss
a) put lotion on her skin
b) braid her hair
c) give her new clothes
d) wax her body hair

What does Katniss think of the people who are from the Capitol
a) they are nice
b) they are superficial
c) they are mean
d) they are uneducated

Why are Peeta and Katniss often dressed the same in public
a) so they look like siblings
b) so they look like enemies
c) so they look like friends
d) so people will know what district they are from

What does Haymitch tell Katniss when he is training for the interviews
a) that she has style and charm
b) that she is beautiful
c) that she will win the games
d) that she has no personality

Why do you think Peeta asked to be coached separately
a) so he could plan his announcement about Katniss
b) so he could stay away from Katniss
c) so he could befriend Haymitch
d) so he could meet the other competitors

By claiming he's in love with Katniss, Peeta makes Katniss look
a) loving
b) desirable
c) happy
d) sad

What was the atmosphere at the Reaping like
a) happy
b) sappy
c) tense
d) angry

How do Peeta and Katniss talk on the roof without being heard
a) they whisper
b) they hide
c) they block the cameras
d) they pretend to kiss

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