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What happens to the leaves when they fall to the ground?
a) They quickly decay.
b) They regrow.

The trees have broad leaves that keep _______________ from reaching the ground.
a) Sunlight
b) Soil
c) Pollution

In the deciduous forest, trees lose their leaves in which season?
a) Fall or Autumn
b) Winter
c) Spring
d) Summer

What happens to the tree leaves in the spring?
a) They regrow.
b) They fall to the ground.
c) They turn colors.

The soil of the deciduous forest can best be described as ______________________.
a) Fertile or rich
b) Poor
c) Dry

In the winter, deciduous trees go into __________________, kind of like sleep.
a) dormancy
b) migration
c) hibernation

What location would you NOT find a Deciduous Forest?
a) Eastern United States
b) Antarctica
c) Japan
d) Eastern Europe

The climate of the deciduous forest has ____________ winters and ________ summers.
a) cold, hot
b) extremely cold, cool
c) cool, extremely hot

The deciduous forest biome is the only biome with four ___________________.
a) seasons
b) kinds of trees

What pigment breaks down in the fall causing the beautiful colors in the leaves?
a) chlorophyll
b) photosynthesis

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