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In what order should sources be listed in a works cited page?
a) chronological by date published
b) alphabetical by source
c) alphabetical by author
d) alphabetical by publisher

What is used to add reference and commentary at the end of a report?
a) endnotes
b) footer
c) footnote
d) header

Which section of a research report provides a complete list of references used in a report?
a) work cited
b) title page
c) header
d) body`

What is the purposes of a bibliography/
a) provide additional reading on a report
b) provide all publications related to a report topic
c) provide a lsit of all sources related to a report
d) provide a list of references cited in a report

Which section of a research report includes the name of the document, the writer's name, the teacher's name, and the date of publication?
a) title page
b) header
c) body
d) works cited

Joshua found a great picture to use in his report. In order to use the picture without violating copyright laws what d oes he need to do?
a) cite the source in the works cited page
b) cite the source in a table
c) cite the source in the title page
d) cite the source in the table of contents

What word processing feature allows text to be printed below the bottom margin of every page?
a) sorting
b) tab
c) footer
d) header

Sarah keyed a document as a part of her report that will give a broad overview of the topics in the order in which they occur in the report. This is an example of
a) reference page
b) table of contents
c) table
d) title page

What additional font formatting is an appropriate for the report title below? "Robert's Rules of Order
a) All caps
b) Italics
c) Regular font
d) underline

What is the purpose of a research report?
a) To provide a list of items to be discussed or acted upon.
b) To present a multi-page document containing subtopics related to one main topic.
c) To list the topics and subtopics in the order in which they occur
d) To describe the discussions, secisions, and actions that occurred during a business meeting.

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