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Which was not a factor for the settling of the original 13 colonies?
a) commercial ventures for profit
b) retaliation against Native Americans
c) Gifts from kings to loyal supporters
d) escaping religious persecution

Pilgrims were..
a) Catholics
b) Lutherans
c) Protestants
d) Voodoo

The companies during the Age of Exploration controlling trade, obtaining natural resource, and financing explorations is called:
a) a joint stock company
b) a cartel
c) a union
d) a conglomerate

In the first leg of triangular trade, you would:
a) Transport goods from Great Britian to America
b) Transport slaves to America
c) Transport goods from America to France
d) Transport goods from France to Africa

Lord Macartney arrived in China as the head of a British diplomatic mission. What is he NOT known for?
a) cultural misunderstandings
b) bringing welcomed European goods
c) wearing European dress
d) speaking of the superior English language

Which was not an effect of the conquisatadors in the Americas?
a) Native American conversion to Christianity
b) Building larger Native American empires
c) Influencing the Americas with European language and clothign
d) Connecting the world with routes and ideas

Africa is to the slave trade as Asia is to
a) religious missionaries
b) tobacco trade
c) Native American empires
d) spice trade

New France, a slowly expanding empire, developed an industry of
a) trapping
b) farming
c) art
d) plantations

According to most historians, which exploration had the GREATEST impact on the global economy
a) Henry Hudson's discovery of Hudson bay
b) Balboa's discovery of the Indian Ocean
c) Christopher Columbus's discovery of the West Indies
d) Magellan's discovery of the Philliphines

Which had the most impact on the global economy due to the slave trade?
a) weakening African society
b) strengthening African religion
c) increasing power of African rules
d) providing a labor force for colonies

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