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What is the main difference between Prince Henry the Navigator and Christopher Columbus
a) One was a monarch, while the other was a viceroy
b) One was an explorer, while the other financed explorations for profit
c) One was a Spanish conquistador, while the other was a Native American
d) One was a sepoy, while the other was a viceroy

Which statement summarizes Portuguese discoveries?
a) They sailed to India around the coast of Africa
b) They sailed west to the East Indies
c) They sailed east through the Mediterranean to Persia
d) They sailed west to South America

Conquistadors did not have advantages over Native Americans in which way?
a) Guns
b) Disease
c) Maps of Native American empires
d) Horses

A jesuit preist would be more likely to:
a) live his entire life in solitude
b) refuse to minister to people who believed in other religions
c) reject natives of foreign countries
d) accompany an explorer to a foreign country for a mission trip

Ferdinand Magellan..
a) discovered the Spice Islands
b) had an expedition he commanded circumnavigate the globe
c) commanded the first expedition to reach India
d) had North and South America named after him

Francisco Pizzaro is to the Incan Empire as Hernando Cortes is to
a) Qing Dynasty
b) Aztec Empire
c) Ming Dynasty
d) Mayan Empire

When Europeans colonized Latin America, they intermarried with natives and africans creating Mulattoes, Mestizos, and Creoles. This is an example of:
a) social interactions between distinct groups
b) combinations of different types of government
c) trade of goods and services
d) Isolation from other peoples

A Spaniard ruling over a South American colony for Charles V is an example of
a) Monarch
b) Jesuit
c) Sepoy
d) Viceroy

According to the Spanish policy of the Encomienda, an American colonist would be granted the right to
a) import European workers
b) sell African slaves for profit
c) demand labor from Native Americans
d) free slaves for their servitude

Which of the following most accurately describes the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas?
a) it divided the Americas
b) It divided Europe from Africa at the Straits of Gilbralter
c) It created a border between Spain and Portugal in Europe
d) It divided Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas.

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