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What is the difference between SCISSORS and SHEARS?
a) Scissors are for cutting fabric, shears are for cutting paper.
b) Shears—large scissors used to cut fabric, scissors—smaller, used to cut out patterns, etc.
c) Shears are for cutting hair
d) Scissors are for left handed people, shears are for right handed people

A metal or plastic device that is placed over the middle or ring finger of your sewing hand
a) pin cushion
b) tailor's ham
c) thimble
d) bobbin

Always turn the hand wheel ______________ you.
a) away from
b) towards
c) to the left of
d) to the right of

When stitching a pinned seam, you should...
a) carefully remove pins as you stitch, do not sew over the pins
b) hold your finger close to the pins
c) ignore the pins and stitch at regular speed
d) pull out the pins half way and continue sewing

When beginning to sew, the presser foot should be in which position
a) raised
b) reversed
c) lowered
d) removed

When you are done working on your project for the day
a) return supplies to the proper location and clean up your work area
b) leave your supplies on the table, someone else will clean up
c) put your own materials in your bin and leave classroom supplies by sewing machines
d) leave everything for the butler to clean up

What are notions?
a) used to remove stitches
b) items used to make an outfit such as buttons, zippers, thread, hook and eye, etc.
c) used to make marks on fabrics, should be able to remove easily without damaging fabrics.
d) used with rotary cutters, and pattern alterations

Why finish a seam?
a) prevent fraying
b) strengthens the seam
c) looks professional
d) all of the above

What is a mitered corner
a) corners have been folded to eliminate raw edges from showing and a right angle is formed
b) a corner that has an inverted pleat
c) an open ended corner
d) corners have been folded to eliminate raw edges from showing and no angle is formed

A standard seam allowance is
a) 1/4"
b) 1/2"
c) 5/8"
d) 1/3"

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