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What city was the Embarkation Point?
a) St. Louis
b) Greenville
c) Berea
d) Mississippi

Which river runs along the Embarkation Point?
a) Mississippi River
b) St. Louis River
c) Snake River
d) Colorado River

Which mountain range did pioneers have to cross?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Appalachain Mountains
c) Snake Mountains
d) Colorado Mountains

What is the climate of the Great Plains?
a) hot, dry, and dusty
b) wet, humid and moist
c) none of these
d) comfortable and cool, people loved the weather there

Who invented the Steel Plow?
a) John Deere
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Andrew Jackson
d) John Adams

Which animal stomped on the railroad tracks, causing hunters to shoot them.
a) buffalo
b) giraffe
c) cats
d) coyote

The land and buffalo were sacred to the ______________________.
a) Native Americans
b) Chinese
c) Irish
d) Italian

An _____________________ is someone who moves from one country to another.
a) immigrant
b) migrater
c) citizen
d) none of these

Transcontinental means _____________.
a) across the continent
b) around the world
c) through the city
d) none of these

How long did it take for the railroad to get from the one coast to the other?
a) one week
b) one month
c) one year
d) one day

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