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A Nike ad featuring Michael Jordan demonstrates __________propaganda.
a) Testimonial
b) Plain Folks
c) Euphemism
d) Transfer

An example of bandwagon propaganda would be:
a) A Gatorade commercial featuring a famous baseball player
b) A Sure deodorant commercial that says you will smell good
c) A McDonald's sign that reads, "billions and billions served"
d) A political commercial from an organization that does not support Obama calling him a socialist

Attempts to make people believe a disaster will occur if they do not buy a special product represent:
a) Euphemism
b) Glittering Generalities
c) Fear
d) Name Calling

Attempts to arouse dislike among the public by linking the target to a negative image is an example of:
a) Euphemism
b) Glittering Generalities
c) Fear
d) Name Calling

A Jenny-Craig weightloss ad that shows a woman weighing in at 200 lbs. before joining Jenny-Craig and then the same woman weighing 135 lbs. after joining Jenny-Craig demonstrates:
a) Fear
b) Bandwagon
c) Transfer
d) Testimonial

Imprinting a football or Santa Clause onto a Coke can is an example of:
a) Glittering Generalities
b) Transfer
c) Euphemism
d) Name Calling

An example of Plain Folks propaganda would be:
a) A commercial featuring Toby Keith (a famous country music singer) using a Solo brand red cup
b) A Burger King ad saying, Silly Whopper you are too big for a Big Mac box
c) The government changing the name Department of War to Department of Defense
d) A family playing baseball while wearing Aeropostle shirts

True or False: The only group that tries to trick the public with different advertising strategies is for-profit organizations.
a) True
b) N/A
c) N/A
d) False

An ad that says Your life will sparkle and represents Orbit gum is using:
a) Testimonial
b) Euphemism
c) Glittering Generalities
d) Transfer

Calling illegal immigrants by the name undocumented workers is an example of:
a) Testimonial
b) Name calling
c) Euphemism
d) Fear

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