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______________ is a system of writing with raised dots for blind people.
a) Braille
b) Guppy
c) Titanic
d) Bloomers

A ________________ is two pieces of bread with a filling between them.
a) sandwich
b) limerick
c) Ferris wheel
d) saxophone

The _______________ is a musical instrument.
a) saxophone
b) braille
c) tweed
d) jovial

______________________ are long pants that are gathered at the knee.
a) Bloomers
b) Titanic
c) Limerick
d) Jovial

______________________ is a woolen cloth made with two or more colors of yarn.
a) Tweed
b) Guppy
c) Ferris wheel
d) Titanic

A ______________ is a small, colorful fish.
a) guppy
b) sandwich
c) limerick
d) bloomers

________________ means "huge or great."
a) Titanic
b) Guppy
c) Jovial
d) Saxophone

A _______________ is a funny five-line poem.
a) limerick
b) saxophone
c) tweed
d) jovial

If someone is happy or jolly, they are ______________.
a) jovial
b) bloomers
c) Ferris wheel
d) guppy

A _____________________ is a ride with seats hanging from a large wheel that turns.
a) Ferris wheel
b) saxophone
c) limerick
d) jovial

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