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Tongue rolling is dominant. If a heterozygous tongue roller and a non-tongue roller have a child, what are the chances the child will be a non-tongue roller?
a) 0
b) 0.25
c) 0.5
d) 0.75

In a cross of heterozygous RW four o'clock plants (RW x RW) what proportion of the seeds will grow to produce pink flowers?
a) 0
b) 0.25
c) 0.5
d) 0.75

What are the possible gametes produced by the individual SsYy?
a) Ss and Yy
b) SY and Sy
c) SY, Sy, sY, and sy
d) SS, Ss, YY, and Yy

Which of Mendel's laws can be demonstrated by a dihybrid cross?
a) The law of averages
b) The law of dominance
c) The law of segregation
d) The law of independent assortment

What do geneticists call alleles that are both expressed in the phenotype when they are together?
a) hybrids
b) codominance
c) heterozygous
d) incomplete dominance

If two parents whoes blood types are both B produce a child that has blood type O, what can you say about the parent's genotypes?
a) one is ii
b) one is lBi
c) Both are lBi
d) Nothing, this is impossible

What are the possible blood types among the children of parents that are IAIB and ii?
a) types A and B
b) types A, B, and AB
c) types A, B, and O
d) types A, B, AB, and O

With a mother that is colorblind and a father that is not colorblind, what is the probability that a male child is colorblind?
a) 0
b) 1/4
c) 1/2
d) 1

A mother that carries the colorblind allele and a father with normal vision can have children that are only
a) normal boys and normal girls
b) colorblind girls and colorblind boys
c) normal boys, normal girls, and colorblind girls
d) normal girls, normal boys, and colorblind boys

If a characteristic is X-linked it
a) occurs mostly in males
b) occurs mostly in females
c) is always fatal
d) isn't any different than a normal allele

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