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What President was assassinated during Reconstruction?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Robert E. Lee
c) Dred Scott
d) Andrew Johnson

The Freedmen's Bureau main goal was to establish:
a) schools
b) hospitals
c) homes
d) stores

A group of white men who tortured and terrorized African Americans after the Civil War were called ___________________.
a) KKK
b) Scalawags
c) Carpetbaggers
d) Freedmen's Bureau

A white southerner who cooperated with the government in the North is called a ____________.
a) Scalawag
b) Carpetbagger
c) KKK
d) Freedmen's Bureau

_________________ means to end officially.
a) abolish
b) ratify
c) pardon
d) veto

A system of farming where farmers rent and pay the land owner with a share of crops they raise.
a) sharecropping
b) boll weevil
c) lynching
d) veto

The body of government that is made up of the House of Representatives and Congress.
a) Congress
b) Amendment
c) Black Codes
d) Appomattox Courthouse

Laws that denied African American men the right to vote or act as jurors in a trial.
a) Black Codes
b) Pardons
c) Vetoes
d) Jim Crow Laws

Northers that moved to the South after the war. Some were missionaries and some took advantage of poor people.
a) Carpetbagger
b) Scalawag
c) Pardon
d) Jim Crow Laws

What amendment free the slaves?
a) 13th
b) 14th
c) 15th
d) 16th

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