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Which is true about the study of nutrition?
a) Nutrition is a new science
b) All of the above
c) Nutrition applies to all people
d) Nutrition is the study of how food nourishes the body

Which of the following do not provide calories:
a) Fat
b) Alcohol
c) Protein
d) Minerals

How many calories does a food have if it has 20 grams of carbohydrate?
a) 180
b) 80
c) 20
d) 100

Which nutrient is the most energy dense (has the most calories per gram)?
a) Fat
b) Protein
c) Vitamin
d) Carbohydrate

Which is not a main function of protein?
a) Serving as a primary energy source
b) Building new cells
c) Repairing damaged body tissue
d) Regulating fluid balance

Which is not one of the 4 components of a healthful diet?
a) Balance
b) Adequacy
c) Value
d) Variety

Which is not required on the food label?
a) Ingredient list
b) Health claims
c) Name and address of vendor
d) Net content of the package

Which describes the psychological drive to eat?
a) Appetite
b) Craving
c) Satiety
d) Hunger

Which snack is most satisfying?
a) Fruit juice
b) Wheat bread
c) 2% Milk
d) Almonds and berries

Which enzyme breaks down carbohydrates in the mouth?
a) Pancreatic amylase
b) Salivary amylase
c) Hydrochloric Acid
d) Salivary Acid

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