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My brother is just a little bit older than me
a) extinct
b) relative age
c) absolute age
d) law of superposition

My brother is 36 years old.
a) extinct
b) relative age
c) absolute age
d) law of superposition

If you found a skull in the desert, that would be an example of what kind of fossil
a) carbon film
b) cast
c) original remains
d) mold

What kind of fossils might be found preserved in amber?
a) dinosaur
b) fish
c) snake
d) insect

Which condition must be present in order for a fossil to form?
a) the animal must decompose
b) The animal must be buried quickly
c) The animal must be cold-natured
d) The animal must be in the desert

In an undisturbed layer of rock, the oldest fossils are found where?
a) on top
b) in the middle
c) nowhere
d) at the bottom

When does igeneous rock form?
a) when magma or lava hardens
b) when there is an intrusion of rock layers
c) during an earthquake
d) during a hurricane

The theory of global warming is based on the release of what gas into the atmosphere?
a) H2O
b) sodium chloride
c) carbon dioxide
d) nitrous sulfate

What condition must be present in order for geothermal energy to be used?
a) cold stormy night
b) volcanically active ground
c) it must be windy outside
d) the sun must be shining bright

How does a photovoltaic cell work?
a) by splitting apart the protons in the nucleus
b) by striking the atom to make electrons move faster
c) by pushing wind turbines to make them go faster
d) by gathering energy from moving waves

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