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We can infer that Kevin’s physical condition in Freak the Mighty:
a) was too much for his father to handle.
b) was something he was born with.
c) is serious enough to require hospitalization at times.
d) all of the above.

When Max stated he was going 'down under,' he was referring to his:
a) bedroom.
b) neighbor's house.
c) tree house.
d) classroom.

We can infer that the following is NOT a character trait for Max in Freak the Mighty:
a) Max is tall for his age.
b) Max looks a lot like his father.
c) Max’s intelligence can be seen because he is an excellent student.
d) Max loves his grandparents.

What problem was Maxwell described as having at the beginning of the book?
a) He was gifted.
b) He had a learning disability.
c) He was crippled.
d) He was blind.

What Freak was referring to when he said, "Magnesium, potassium chlorate, sulfur, copper!"
a) the moat
b) the lab experiment
c) Gwen's cooking
d) fireworks

Which of the following is NOT a good analogy?
a) only child: Kevin:: only child: Max
b) next door neighbor: Kevin:: next door: Max
c) healthy: Max:: healthy: Kevin
d) Knight: Kevin:: Knight: Max

Which of the following statements describes an internal conflict?
a) A boy smashes his brother’s arm.
b) Max remembers something terrible about his father that makes him feel afraid.
c) Gram cleans his gun to be ready for a killer.
d) Killer Kane sneaks into Max’s room in the Down Under.

Why did Kevin invent the fantasy of the bionic body?
a) because he needed something to hope for
b) because he wanted to be a big deal at school
c) because his father had a bionic body
d) because that's what Dr. Spivak told him

Which of the following is an accurate analogy about family relationships?
a) Kevin and Max: students :: Gwen and Grim and Gram: caretakers
b) Killer Kane: responsible parent :: Gwen: responsible parent
c) Macaroni and cheese: snack :: brownie: dessert
d) Chevy and Ford: transportation :: turkey and dressing: meal

Kevin and Max show courage many times in the novel, Freak the Mighty.
a) True
b) False
c) ...
d) ...

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