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What are the Earth'ss three major climate zones?
a) tropical, temperate, polar
b) equator, continental, polar
c) rain forest, desert, grassland
d) rain forest, desert, tundra

What are periods where ice collects in high latitudes and moves toward lower latitudes?
a) ice age
b) winter
c) seasons
d) interglacial period

What is the period of time when enormous sheets of ice advance and sea level drops?
a) glacial period
b) interglacial period
c) ice age
d) winter

What is the warmer period of time when sea level rises?
a) interglacial period
b) glacial period
c) ice age
d) winter

What are the two things that Milankovitch says causes ice ages?
a) changes in the Earth's orbit and the tilt of the Earth's axis
b) volcanic eruptions and asteroid impact
c) asteroid impact and the tilt of the Earth's axis
d) changes in seasons and the tilt of the Earth's axis

What was the name of the large landmass that existed 250 million years ago?
a) Pangea
b) Urasia
c) Milankovitch theory
d) Antartica

What event changes climate due to dust, ash and smoke acting as a sheild from the sun?
a) volcanic eruptions
b) asteroid impact
c) the sun's cycle
d) ice age

What event could change the climate of a region by causing debris to shoot into the atmosphere blocking the sun's rays and thermal energy?
a) asteroid impact
b) volcanic eruptions
c) the sun's cycle
d) ice age

What event causes warming of the winds and therefore affects climate patterns around the world?
a) the sun's cycle
b) asteroid impact
c) volcanic eruptions
d) ice age

The Earth's natural heating process, in which gases in the atmosphere trap thermal energy is called what?
a) greenhouse effect
b) global warming
c) radiation balance
d) deforestation

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