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Fibers from plants are called _________________.
a) Cryolilic Fibers
b) Cellulosic Fibers
c) Protein Fibers
d) Calcium Fiber

Natural fibers from animals or insects are called _________________.
a) Protein Fibers
b) Cellulosic Fibers
c) Cryogenic Fibers
d) Cell Fibers

These fibers are short, in lengths under 8 inches...
a) Small Fibers
b) Short Fibers
c) Limited Fibers
d) Staple Fibers

Long, continuous fibers are called _________________.
a) Filaments
b) Stigmatic
c) continuous flow fibers
d) luxury fibers

The dispersing or spreading of mositure or liquid through a given area is called _____________.
a) moisturization
b) Rapid dry fabric
c) repelling
d) wicking

The term used to describe fiber thickness or diameter is called______________.
a) polymers
b) deniers
c) modacrylic
d) creslan

The soft, hairy coat of an animal is ___________.
a) fur
b) cotton
c) spandex
d) leather

A cellulosic fiber that comes from the “bolls” of this type of plant.
a) wool
b) cotton
c) silk
d) linen

A protein fiber that comes from cocoons spun by this type of worm.
a) cotton
b) wool
c) tape
d) silk

Protein fiber from the hair (fleece) of sheep or lambs.
a) cotton
b) wool
c) fur
d) rayon

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