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Thomas has decided to key an agenda for the FBLA meeting using a column format. What is recommended to guide the reader's eye and contro lthe left-to right flow of text
a) double space
b) dot leader tabs
c) table feature
d) left alignment tool

Which type of correspondence might include a keyed signature line?
a) table of contents
b) Minutes
c) agenda
d) research report

Which section of the minutes is used to record unresolved discussions from a previous meeting?
a) new business
b) Old Business
c) Call to order
d) Adjournment

Which two documents have the most features in common?
a) Minutes and agenda
b) Agenda and business letter
c) letter and research report
d) business letter and minutes

Which section of the minutes is used to record the review of previous minutes by board members?
a) Call to Order
b) Approval of Minutes
c) Old Business
d) New Business

When preparing minutes what is the line spacing of the body within each paragraph
a) single space
b) double space
c) triple space
d) quadruple space

After the FBLA meeting, what will the secretary prepare in order to record the discussions, decisions, and actions that occurred during the meeting?
a) Agenda
b) Itinerary
c) Minutes
d) Research report

Susan is the chairperson for the March of Dimes Committee, she will begin each meeting with a formal declaration that the meeting has officially begun. This declaration is nown as
a) Salutation
b) Call to Order
c) New Business
d) Adjournment

What is the purpose of minutes?
a) To describe the discussions, decisions, and actions that occured during a business meeting.
b) To provide a list of items to be discussed or acted upon.
c) To present a multi-page document containing subtopics related to one main topic
d) To list the topics and subtopics in the order in which they occur.

Spence plans to create a list of the topics that will be addressed during the conference call. Which document should he use?
a) agenda
b) business letter
c) minutes
d) personal business letter

What additional font formatting is appropriate for the report title below? Robert's Rules of Order
a) all caps
b) italics
c) regular font
d) underline

What are the headings that are keyed at the left margin, underlined, initials caps and followed by a double space?
a) side headings
b) titles
c) subtitles
d) references

Spence want to place the title, Staff Procedures for Office Document Processing at the top of each page of a document he is creating. What feature will he use?
a) endnote
b) footer
c) footnote
d) header

Joshua found a great picture to use in his report. In order to use the picture without violating copyright laws what does he need to do?
a) cite the source in a table
b) cite the source in the works cited page
c) cite the source in the table of contents
d) cite the source in the title page

the writer's name and class name should be used in the header of a report?
a) True
b) False

Which document will Scott prepae for all attendees at the Banker's Association meeting to list the accountant who is responsible for presenting each topic?
a) agenda
b) minutes
c) memo
d) outline

What line spacing should be used between numbered items on an agenda?
a) single space
b) doube space
c) triple space
d) quadruple space

What is to be included in the heading of an agenda?
a) title page, title, header, body
b) call to order, old business, new business, adjournment
c) organization name, date, location, and time of meeting
d) table of contents, list of topics, list of subtopics, page numbers

If letterhead is used to create an agenda, how much space should be left between the letterhead and the beginning of the agenda?
a) .5 inches
b) 1 inch
c) 1.5 inches
d) 2 inches

What word processing feature allows text to be printed below the bottom margin of every page.
a) footer
b) header
c) sorting
d) tab

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