OGT Review #2 Question Preview (ID: 10540)

OGT History Review.

Which was a common factor in the United States that caused the Red Scare following World War I and McCarthyism following World War II?
a) racial tension in major cities
b) signs of economic downturn
c) fear of communist expansion
d) the counterculture movement

What was one idea that the leaders of the American Revolution shared with Enlightenment thinkers?
a) Colonies exist to provide raw materials and markets for mother countries.
b) The people have the right to overthrow their government if it abuses its powers.
c) Governments may restrict freedom of speech and of the press during times of crisis.
d) Factories and businesses should be owned by the government rather than by individuals.

Which change in U.S. society in the 20th century was an outgrowth of the success of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s?
a) the passage of laws to protect the natural environment
b) the increase in funding for elementary and secondary education
c) the expansion of the role of state governments in economic affairs
d) the creation of new groups to advocate for the rights of other minorities

As a result of the Versailles Treaty, Germany lost its overseas colonies in Africa. How did the loss of these colonies contribute to the outbreak of World War II?
a) Without Germany as a competitor for colonies Britain & France put little effort into rebuilding thei
b) The Nazis exploited German resentment of their colonial losses by engaging in territorial expansion
c) Rivalries between B & F for territory in Africa prevented these countries from taking action to stop
d) The US ignored Germany’s military build-up because Germany was not likely to become power without ra

During the Spanish-American War, The U.S. Congress voted for annexation of the Philippines. What was one reason for this act of U.S. imperialism?
a) to provide the U.S. with a valuable naval base in the Pacific
b) to provide the U.S. with a place to relocate its immigrant population
c) to decrease the U.S. need to export raw materials for industrialization
d) to increase the U.S. population by extending citizenship to the Filipinos

Locke said citizens and govt. had a social contract. Which statement describes the impact of the idea of government as a social contract on the French Revolution in 1789?
a) The king granted women the right to vote.
b) French citizens claimed their natural rights.
c) The king raised taxes to pay off the public debt.
d) French citizens supported the king against the nobles.

Industrialization led to harsh working conditions in the US. Which policies of the US govt allowed such conditions to develop and later led to the growth of labor unions
a) laissez-faire policies toward big business
b) antitrust policies toward monopolie
c) imperialist policies regarding territorial expansion
d) isolationist policies regarding international alliances

The annexation of Hawaii, the Open Door Policy with China, and the construction of the Panama Canal in Latin America were all motivated by an interest in
a) breaking up monopolies and trusts.
b) extending land grants for railroad construction.
c) acquiring new markets and sources of raw materials.
d) limiting the power of labor unions to strike

What is one direct consequence of the U.S. civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s?
a) the right to freedom of religion for all citizens
b) the end of legal segregation in public places
c) the granting of citizenship to African-Americans
d) the passing of legislation to protect the accused

The appearance in many US cities of department stores, sports, theaters and amusement parks in the last decades of the 19th century was evidence of what effect of industrialization
a) improved living conditions on American farms
b) the growing power of unions to negotiate benefits for their members
c) government-sponsored programs to improve public health and education
d) an increase in the leisure time and disposable income of the urban middle clas

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