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The Stamp Act primarily involved
a) paper goods
b) glass
c) tea
d) clothing

Which individual is credited with alerting the citizens of Massachusetts of the incoming British soldiers?
a) George Washington
b) Samuel Adams
c) Paul Revere
d) John Hancock

In response to the Boston Tea Party, the British government enacted
a) the Tea Act
b) the Intolerable Acts
c) the Sugar Act
d) the Townshend Act

Which colony was least interested in events leading to the American Revolution?
a) New York
b) Georgia
c) Delaware
d) Virginia

Which Act involved a tax on tea, glass, paint and oil?
a) Intolerable Acts
b) Stamp Act
c) Sugar Act
d) Townshend Act

Who authored the Declaration of Independence?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Samuel Adams
d) John Hancock

What was the Massachusetts militia known as?
a) The Rebels
b) The Patriots
c) The Minutemen
d) The Liberty Boys

Which formal document forbade the colonists from going west of the Appalachian Mountains?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Proclamation of 1763
c) U.S. Constitution
d) Treaty of Paris

Which act made the colonists house and feed the British soldiers?
a) The Housing Act
b) The Charity Act
c) The Quartering Act
d) The Soldiering Act

Which army was commanded by George Washington?
a) The Redcoast Army
b) The Continental Army
c) The Colonist Army
d) The United Kingdom Army

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