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high status or esteem
a) ostinsibly
b) ostensibly
c) prestige
d) prestije

brief or concise
a) terse
b) terce
c) indolent
d) endolent

in imagination, by picturing the experiences of those actually participating in them
a) vituperation
b) vetuperation
c) vicariously
d) vicarriously

harsh condemnation or abusive words
a) vituperation
b) vivasious
c) vivacious
d) vitupiration

lively or spirited
a) vivacious
b) vitupiration
c) vituperation
d) vivasious

skillful or clever
a) charade
b) deterous
c) dexterous
d) charrade

insulting boldness
a) fanfare
b) effrontery
c) efrontery
d) fanfair

showy display of celebration
a) fanfair
b) fanfare
c) indolent
d) indolint

proud or arrogant
a) haughty
b) hawty
c) terse
d) tearse

inconsistency or a lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more things
a) discrepancy
b) discrepincy
c) dexterous
d) decterous

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