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The Mississippian culture was centered around which of these river groups.
a) Arizona, Colorado, Utah
b) Nile, Amazon, Mississippi
c) Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri
d) Hudson, Coumbia, Rio Grande

Besides moundbuilding, which of these activities was common among the varied Mississippian cultures?
a) The Southern Cermonial Complex (Southern Cult)
b) Trading extensively in Turquoise
c) Living in teepees
d) Living in insulated pit-houses.

Which of the practices below was common to varied Mississippian peoples?
a) A diet dominated by marine life such as salmon and halibut.
b) Living in houses on stilts called Chickees.
c) A hierachical structure in government, religion and in settlement patterns.
d) Building protected cliff dwellings.

What was the most important crop to the Mississippian culture.
a) Potatoes
b) Maize
c) Chocolate
d) Beans

From which continent did the First Americans migrate from?
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) South America

What three crops formed the basis of Ancient Pueblo People's agriculture?
a) peanuts, pineapples, potatoes
b) Corn, cactus, peanuts
c) Corn, potatoes, wild rice
d) Maize, beans, squash

What is the name of the largest village complex in Chaco Canyon?
a) Cliff Palace
b) Turquoise
c) Pueblo Benito
d) Cahokia

What is the likely reason that the First Americans migrated across the land bridge?
a) Overpopulation in their homelands
b) They were following the animals they hunted for food.
c) To escape religious persecution.
d) They were searching for a warmer climate.

What Moundbuilder culture city was the largest in North America in history until surpassed by Philadelphia in 1800.
a) Cahokia
b) Pueblo Bonita
c) St. Louis
d) Cliff Palace

Where is the 400 meter long serpent shaped mound?
a) Near St. Louis, MO
b) Near Mesa Verde, CO
c) Near St. Paul, MN
d) Near Cincinnati,OH

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