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How did the Ancient Pueblo Peoples successfully farm in the desert?
a) They built extensive trading systems
b) They built extensive irrigation systems.
c) They built extensive road systems.
d) They built structure suitable for vast temperature changes.

What good formed the basis of Anasazi trade?
a) Maize
b) Copper
c) Turquoise
d) Seashells

Which modern states did the Ancient Pueblo people call home?
a) Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
b) Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico
c) Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri
d) Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas

Which three groups made up the Ancient Pueblo Peoples?
a) Mogollon, Hohokam and Anasazi
b) Arizona, Colorado, Utah
c) Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri
d) Anasazi, Arizona, Mississippi

What Moundbuilder culture city was the largest in North America in history until surpassed by Philadelphia in 1800.
a) Cliff Palace
b) St. Louis
c) Pueblo Bonita
d) Cahokia

The Ice Age land bridge connected modern day...
a) China and Alaska
b) Russia and Alaska
c) Russia and Canada
d) Yukon and Alaska

During the Ice Age, much on North America was cover by...
a) Water
b) Volcanoes
c) Glaciers
d) Humans

What is the name of the Ancient Pueblo peoples sunken ceremonial places of teaching?
a) Kiva
b) Chaco Canyon
c) Mesa Verde
d) Pueblo Bonito

What is the name given to the land bridge crossed by the First Americans?
a) Chukotka
b) Beringia
c) Alaska
d) Bering Strait

What is the name of the Anasazi pueblo built under the protection of an overhanging cliff near Mesa Verde, CO.
a) Pueblo Bonito
b) Cliff Palace
c) Cohokia
d) Poverty Point

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