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What kind of government does Salem have in The Crucible?
a) Theocracy
b) Democracy
c) Monarchy
d) Autocracy

What is Parris’ position in Salem?
a) town doctor
b) Governor
c) Minister
d) Judge

What is John Proctor’s chief complaint against Parris’s sermons?
a) They are long and boring.
b) He talks too much about fire and brimstone.
c) He talks too much about God.
d) They are heretical.

Why did Elizabeth Proctor fire Abigail?
a) She was displeased with her work.
b) She was lazy.
c) She was a prostitute
d) She was having an affair with her husband.

Which commandment does John Proctor forget when Reverend Hale quizzes him?
a) Honor thy mother and father.
b) Thou shalt not kill.
c) Thou shalt not commit adultery.
d) Thou shalt not covet.

Who is in charge of the court?
a) Danforth
b) Parris
c) Hale
d) Proctor

What does Abigail do at the end of the play?
a) She confesses her crimes.
b) She kills herself.
c) She is hanged as a witch herself.
d) She runs away.

Why does Giles Corey neither admit or deny being a witch?
a) By not speaking, a legal loophole will allow his sons to inherit his estate.
b) By not speaking, they must set him free.
c) By not speaking, he proves he is a man of his word.
d) By not speaking, a legal loophole allows his wife to be set free.

Why is Mrs. Putnam jealous of Rebecca Nurse?
a) Rebecca makes more money than she does.
b) Rebecca is more highly regarded in the community than she is.
c) She thinks that Rebbeca is trying to steal her husband.
d) All of Rebecca's children and grandchildren are healthy.

Which of the following events occured first?
a) Proctor tears up his confession.
b) Mary Warren gives Elizabeth a poppet.
c) Abigail tells Proctor that the girls are pretending.
d) Abigail accuses Tituba of bewitching the girls.

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