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A color change happens during an experiment mixing two liquids. Is this a physical change or chemical change?
a) A color change always indicates a chemical change.
b) Color is a physical property, so it is only a physical change.
c) A color change can be from a physical change or a chemical change.
d) A color change does not mean either a physical change or a chemical change.

An experiment applies heat to a substance and produces a gas that is a new and different substance. Choose the true statement.
a) This represents a physical change only.
b) This represents a chemical change only.
c) This represents both a physical and a chemical change
d) This represents neither a physical change nor a chemical change

If a chemical change requires energy, which of the following could be the source of the energy?
a) heating with a flame
b) settling the mixture for 20 minutes
c) measuring mass from a balance beam
d) adding more substance to the observed material.

What is an example of adding energy to a substance and causing a physical change?
a) heating a rock to make it hot
b) warming ice to produce water
c) igniting a hydrogen-filled balloon
d) burning paper to produce CO2 and carbon

An experiment measures a mass, heats it over a flame without changing its state, measures it again, and finds the mass to be different. Which statement BEST describes the change?
a) Physical change because the substance becae more dense.
b) Chemical change because mass was lost, most likely as gas.
c) Chemical change because the chemical property of mass changed.
d) Physical change because the mass melted going from a solid to a liquid.

Which of the following is a physical change?
a) corrosion
b) explosion
c) evaporation
d) decomposition

Which of the following is a chemical property?
a) mass
b) reactivity
c) hardness
d) melting point

Chemical reactions-
a) Produce new substances
b) Create and destory atoms
c) Occur only in living organisms
d) Only occur outside living organisms

Which of the following occurs in every chemical reaction?
a) Water is given off.
b) The total mass of the reactants increases.
c) The total mass of the reactants equals the total mass of the products.
d) The total mass of the products is greater than the total mass of the reactants.

You are asked to explain what happened to individual atoms when a chemical change takes place in a lab you are doing in class. What is the best explanation?
a) Some are created.
b) They are rearranged.
c) Some are destroyed.
d) Some are destroyed and some are created.

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