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Which of the following is a chemical change?
a) cutting
b) melting
c) rusting
d) bending

Which of the following is a chemical property of water?
a) Sugar dissolved in it
b) It is a colorless liquid
c) It has a boiling point of 100 C
d) It is composed of two hydrogen atmos and one oxygen atom

Which of the following would not be helpful when distinguishing between sugar and table salt?
a) Color
b) Density
c) Boiling point
d) Melting point

Which statement is true about physical changes and chemical changes?
a) Chemical changes are not observable.
b) Chemical changes always produce new substances.
c) Physical changes can change physical and chemical properties.
d) Physical and chemical changes cannot happen at the same time.

Why is glass a good substance for storing chemicals?
a) Glass is a noble solid.
b) Glass has a low reactivity.
c) Glass is cheap and readily available.
d) The melting point of glass is very high.

Corrosion is what type of chemical change?
a) oxidation
b) combustion
c) neutralization
d) decomposition

A substance that readily burns when it comes into contact with a flame has the chemical property of _____________.
a) toxicity
b) stability
c) reactivity
d) combustibility

The pH of an acidic substance is between what values of the pH scale?
a) 0 and 14
b) 0 and 7
c) 7 and 14
d) greater than 14

Which of the following is a physical change?
a) corrosion
b) explosion
c) evporation
d) food spoliage

Which of the following is a chemical change?
a) mixing
b) melting
c) grinding
d) tarnishing

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