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_____ going to go _____ the store, _____.
a) they're two to
b) they're to too
c) their too too

Do you _____ the _____ student?
a) know new
b) no knew
c) knew new

_____ wearing _____ much perfume.
a) your too
b) you're to
c) you're too

Tell _____ dog _____ get off _____ sofa.
a) your to they're
b) your to their
c) you're too there

We both _____ that _____ sister wears _____ much perfume, _____.
a) no you're to too
b) know your two to
c) know your too too

_____ will be a test tomorrow, _____.
a) there too
b) their to
c) they're two

I _____ the answer _____ that question and I _____ the next one, _____.
a) knew two know to
b) knew to know too
c) new too no to

_____ favorite tv show has _____ much violence and _____ canceling it.
a) your too their
b) you're two their
c) your too they're

_____ house is going _____ be sold, because it costs _____ much.
a) they're two too
b) their to too
c) their too to

When you _____ how _____ do something, _____ grade will rise and you'll be smarter, _____.
a) no two your too
b) know to your too
c) know to you're two

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