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What is the federal system
a) A federal machine
b) state and federal governments have the power
c) a document
d) a Constitutinal Convention

What are the first three articles about?
a) What you can do
b) The Preamble
c) How the government is organized
d) How the United States is organized

What is judicial review?
a) the review of a judge
b) a case about a crime
c) the power to say a law is an unconstitutional law
d) a courtroom

The president is what of the military?
a) commander-in-chief
b) chief justice
c) he has no relationship to the military
d) he has the weakest role

To be in Congress a member
a) Is forced to be in office
b) Is asked to take office
c) Is appointed to office
d) Is elected to office

How many amendments are in the Bill of Rights/
a) 9
b) 8
c) 100
d) 10

Where did George Washignton take the oath of office to be the frist President/
a) New York
b) Washington, D.C.
c) Washington state
d) Indiana

What is Benjamin Banneker famous for?
a) First African American to work in governement who designed the layout of Washingotn, D.C.
b) Founded Cuba
c) Ran for President against George Washington
d) Discovered a comet

What is it called whane the President says "no" to a law/ becoming a law?
a) Yes, I agree
b) No, I veto the law
c) He can't say no
d) Call for judicial review

Who was the King when George Washington fouth in the Revolution?
a) King George III
b) King George II
c) King William
d) King Phillip

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